Monday, July 1, 2013

Wave of the Future

A new wave of technology always comes along to replace the original one, but in this case it may literally come with a wave of your hand. Touch screens have been the primary technology on smart phones, but new technologies have popped up allowing people to use their phones without ever touching a thing. Let’s take a look at these new technologies that can also be used in cars, or even in your own home.

Eyesight, a new technology used in cars and computers, operates using a basic webcam. The webcam allows for people to open a browser, answer a call, or turn on the car radio from up to fifteen feet away. Eyesight has also worked with Android, Windows, and Linux to incorporate its technology into Lenovo’s new Ultrabooks.

3Dim, designed by MIT student Andrea Colcoa, is a new platform for smart phones. It projects a keyboard for the smart phone or tablet onto a hard surface, which makes typing easier. It can also be adapted to work with products that don’t have touch screens, such as Google Glass.

WiSee is a technology created by a team at the University of Washington State that uses Wi-Fi signals to communicate. It can recognize nine different gestures, and picks up on the changes in Wi-Fi frequencies that occur from someone’s movement. This means that movement can be monitored without a sensor or a camera - a truly revolutionary idea.

Will touch screens become a thing of the past? No one can be certain, but these new technologies have proven that gesture technology is quickly advancing.

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