Monday, February 10, 2014

Gold Medals & Guests: Sochi 2014

The Olympics always increase tourism for the city they're in and Sochi is no different. Sochi  has essentially revamped their hotel industry in preparation for the games.

Other than Moscow, Sochi has the highest concentration of hotels, with around 9,000 new rooms being added by the start, or soon after the end of the Olympics. Prior to the Olympic Games this year, Sochi only had one internationally branded hotel, but over the past 25 months more and more hotels have been opening to handle the influx of tourists. 

Sochi is known as Russia's premier health club destination and for its gorgeous summer beaches. Tourism peeks in both winter and summer, giving it two money making seasons unlike most resorts, which typically have one busy season.

For Sochi to succeed it needs to stay safe and it can't be abandoned once the games are over. Now that Sochi is a competitor in the tourism industry, it needs to continue its growth after the Olympics.

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