Friday, December 6, 2013

Heyday: Social Media Goes Private

Ever want to remember a moment, but don't want to share it with your Facebook friends? With a lot of information being public today, apps offering private sharing options, such as Whisper and Snapchat, are gaining popularity. And now there's Heyday, an app that lets you privately chronicle your digital life.


Heyday is a smart phone’s version of a journal - it collects the photos you take on your smart phone and uses them to create a digital snapshot of your life. Your location is automatically detected and saved, along with a time stamp, allowing you to know exactly when and where you took the photo. Heyday also allows users to jot down notes or tag people in videos and photos. The app organizes photos automatically in the order you took them, and has 18 photo filters. If you choose to tag a friend, you can view a timeline of all the places you've ever been together. And even more exciting is that Heyday defaults to a private setting.

Heyday may be the perfect blend of public and private sharing that today’s consumers are looking for. It lets you be private when you want to and share when you want to be social, making it a truly innovative idea!

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