Monday, August 19, 2013

A New Type of Hotel Guest: Super Commuters

Super commuters, people who travel more than 90 miles to get to work twice a week are a fast growing demographic. They are frequent guests at hotels around the country and therefore, hotels will go to great lengths to satisfy their wants and needs.

Affina Hotels in New York and Washington D.C offer a frequent visitor program with many different perks for guests. Guests commit to spending at least 25 nights a year in the hotel and then they receive 10% off room rates, free local calls, and laundry service. They also get a personal account manager.

The Wolcott in New York is particularly appealing to super commuters who drive because they offer 30-5-% off at neighboring parking garages. They also have on site laundry and free breakfast.

AKA located in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and Los Angeles is designed for super commuters. Zip cars are available to rent on site and they offer many other benefits as well. They will store belongings for returning guests and dry clean clothes while guests are home. They also have a 24 hour fitness center and a private lounge.

These are just a few hotels that go above and beyond for their guests, for more information please visit

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