Thursday, March 14, 2013

Can Samsung Outsell Apple?

For years, Apple has produced the top selling smart phone with fans often waiting in long lines for new products and without facing much competition. However, when Samsung released its Galaxy S III smart phone in the summer of 2012, it beat the iPhone 4S and became the top selling smart phone. Samsung’s success was only temporary as Apple shortly after released the iPhone 5 and ended 2012 producing the top selling smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 5

These two smart phones are strong competitors as they are advertised as having the latest technology. Since the release of the Galaxy S III, Samsung has been appealing to its consumers as being “The Next Best Thing” and by trying to show in commercials that iPhone users have old technology. Samsung plans to reveal its highly anticipated Galaxy S IV at a launch event on March 14.


With everyone wanting to have the latest and most advanced smart phone, can the Samsung Galaxy S IV become the top selling smart phone or will current iPhone users remain loyal to Apple? 

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