Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Fall!

Here in Chicago, the fall season usually passes quickly or just not at all. I sometimes like to tell my friends in different parts of the country that Chicago only has two seasons - winter and summer. The transition is usually something like this: cold, cold, really cold, REALLY cold, cold, not as cold, hot, hot, really hot, not as hot, cold, cold...repeat. Although this year some unusually mild temperatures have graced the Chicagoland area and us Chicagoans actually get to experience the season of fall. Fall brings about leaves in every shade of red, yellow and orange, pumpkins, lattes and heavy sweaters. It's a helpful preparation for the quickly approaching and indefinitely bitter cold winter season. In honor of one of the post popular and undoubtably most beautiful seasons, let's take a look see at some of the most picturesque fall locations.
Oak Mountain State Park- Pelham, Alabama

Franschhoek, South Africa

Lake of Bays- Muskoka, Ontario

Maroon Bells Recreation Area- Aspen, Colorado

Chicago isn't lucky enough to have majestic mountains and colorful forests in the vicinity, but we can certainly appreciate these images that really display the truly vibrant side of mother nature. 

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