Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help Us Help You!

Welcome to the new generation of phone devices and technology. What we do at Percipia Networks is something extraordinary. We help customers who are still using older technology and phones migrate to the new generation of phone technologies.

Yup, those little fancy screens that you always admire while on staying at your favorite hotel are provided by us. Our clients range from various sizes and locations throughout the country, and just like almost everyone in today’s world we continue to look for the next best thing and ways of making life during your hotel stay even better and more relaxed than you are customary to.

Our goal with these technologies is to provide the customer with the most innovative features and cutting edge technology. As part of our efforts to keep up with the latest needs of hotel guests we ask you, the modern traveler for your input.  What features would you like to have access to during your next hotel stay? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

TheWit and Percipia Networks team up for a graphic design contest!

For more instructions on how to apply, please visit theWit's Facebook page with instructions:, or email

Thursday, February 7, 2013


With our sales team in full force at Insight13 in Orlando Florida, we are looking to show off some of our latest technologies to a wider audience.  Michael Velazquez our CEO and Kevin Yarnell our Global Director of Sales have been hard at work prepping for this and it has shown. Insight 13 has given us the opportunity to show off our XML driven software that is designed to provide the hospitality industry with an easy to access phone graphic interface. 

Our opportunity as one of the foremost leaders in hospitality technology shines with our setup!

One primary focus this year has been in the development of the Ipad and other Tablet technologies. By showing this to a larger audience, we want to help the customer see the benefits of easily accessible technology. We are very proud to have been in attendance at this event and show off some of our top products.

Insight13  associated sponsors. What a long list!